Artist Talk: Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

Victoria Yelagina

Victoria Elagina is an aspiring artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of nineteen, she is at the beginning of her artistic journey. Having come across her watercolors, we at Fine Art Shippers were moved by their ingenuity and the love for people and the world they radiated. We decided to have this conversation with Victoria to find out about her dreams and plans.

Artist Talk: The Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Victoria Elagina: I’m an aspiring artist, and currently, I’m preparing to enroll at the St. Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design. My dream is to create monumental art. I’ve been involved with art from a very young age. Recently, I’ve begun creating a collection of watercolor greeting cards featuring people, fairy-tale characters, and animals, and it appears they have been quite well received.

How did you come up with the idea for these postcards? Are they inspired by childhood memories, your observations of life, or something else?

I wanted to create kind and heart-warming images that would make people feel better. As for the animals in these pictures, they are beings that have always been close to humans, always loyal and loving. To me, they embody love. Having grown up with pets, I’ve always felt a strong connection to animals.

Postcards by Victoria Yelagina

Why do you like watercolors?

I believe they allow for more self-expression and creative flow compared to other mediums such as oil and tempera, which require more focus on mastering the technique.

What inspires you? What kind of art are you attracted to?

I am particularly drawn to Art Nouveau, especially the romantic figures created by Alphonse Mucha, adorned with beautiful floral ornaments. I’m also fascinated by monumental art—murals and frescoes. Additionally, as an artist, I have a keen interest in psychology and philosophy and aim to explore these themes in my work.

My family has always been a significant influence on me. My mother, a porcelain painter at the Imperial Porcelain Factory, and my father, a photographer, have both shaped my interest in art to a great extent.

What is art to you?

To me, art is a way to discover and interpret the world. It has a profound influence on people, which is why I believe it should be positive, especially since our lives today are filled with too many disturbances. I want my art to bring happiness and solace to people.

Postcards by Victoria Yelagina

Could you describe what the creative process offers you personally?

Working with watercolors, I enjoy setting challenges for myself that I wish to overcome. But beyond that, I simply enjoy the process and the improvisation that steers my work. In a more structured environment, like classes, I love engaging in discussions with my teacher and peers. The act of creating immerses me, evoking pleasant memories and moments. This process turns into a form of art therapy, as painting is always enjoyable and fulfilling for me.

How does being a native resident of St. Petersburg identify you as an artist?

The city’s architecture and history have deeply influenced me. I am in love with its atmosphere, its people, and its innate appreciation for arts and culture. All of this is now a part of who I am.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Elagina