A Collector’s Nightmare: How NOT to Ship Antique Furniture

A Collector’s Nightmare: How NOT to Ship Antique Furniture

Whenever you need to ship antique furniture, it’s important to organize and execute everything in line with top industry standards and guidelines. Many costly errors may await you at every step, depending on how well you do your homework and prepare for the shipping process. We’ve compiled a set of the most common errors antique furniture owners commit during transportation. Study them carefully and make sure to avoid them for the sake of preserving your valuable property.

A Collector’s Nightmare: How NOT to Ship Antique Furniture

What can go wrong when you ship antique furniture? Actually, the process is associated with many nuances and peculiarities, ignoring which can be disastrous. Here are the main considerations to keep in mind.

#1 Not Documenting the Objects’ Condition

You may think that taking a quick glance at what your antiques look like before transportation equals sufficient inspection. Yet, your memories can’t be used as evidence of damage in case you reveal some defects on the shipped furniture after its delivery. So, it’s vital to take photos and videos of your art objects before they get packaged and shipped.

#2 Not Cleaning the Surfaces

Antique furniture is very delicate and fragile, especially its surfaces that have withstood the test of time but can be ruined with slight impacts of dust and debris getting under the layer of packaging. Therefore, it’s important to perform gentle yet comprehensive cleansing of all surfaces when you’re preparing your antiques for packaging.

#3 Skipping the Wrapping Stage

If you don’t have blankets for antique furniture wrapping and avoid other wrapping materials, how do you fancy its surfaces’ protection during the moving process? It’s vital to wrap antique furniture pieces in blankets that can protect delicate wooden surfaces and simplify the process of antique handling.

#4 Underestimating Insurance

Most shipping companies will offer you an insurance policy plan for the transportation process. We recommend using comprehensive insurance coverage that includes all stages of your objects’ handling, from pick-up to transfer and installation, so that your financial interests are fully protected.

#5 Moving Antique Furniture Alone or with a Friend

Even when your antique piece of furniture seems lightweight and small enough to carry alone or with a neighbor, we still recommend hiring a team of experienced and careful art handlers so that every stage is performed safely and accurately.

If you have antique furniture that needs to be shipped to another location, Fine Art Shippers can help you organize this process safely and professionally. Contact us for details and enjoy end-to-end antique transportation services from vetted experts.