Williams & Hill: Art Logistics Services in London and New York

As you probably know, Fine Art Shippers has a representative office in London, right in the Heathrow Airport area, which makes the entire process of shipping art from NY to London and vice versa as convenient for our clients as never before. We love to work in these cities, and we are very proud that Fine Art Shippers is chosen by many museums, galleries, artists, dealers, auction houses, and collectors on both sides of the ocean. However, now we want to tell you about Williams & Hill, another great company that is also proficient in shipping art from NY to London and vice versa. Moreover, Williams & Hill is considered one of the most reliable forwarding agents in the United Kingdom.

Williams & Hill

Williams & Hill, or as it is also known Williams & Hill Forwarding Ltd., is a true expert in everything related to shipping art from NY to London and from London to NY. This company was founded by Cliff Williams and Kerry Hill in 2002, and since then it has been providing a whole range of art logistics services to businesses and individuals. In particular, these include art shipping, packing and casemaking, art installation, art storage, relocation, and exhibition services of any kind. With offices in London and New York, Williams & Hill serves museums, galleries, public institutions, and private clients in the US and the UK, handling even the most challenging and complicated art logistics tasks. This amazing company is definitely worth your attention if you need to ship something valuable overseas!