The Highest Level of Art Handling from D&D Fine Art Services

From professional fine art handling and shipping to fine art storage in NYC and other cities across the United States, Fine Art Shippers offers a full range of art logistics services to meet the diverse needs of the American art community. Besides, we have a wide network of international partners, as well as our own representative offices in all the major art destinations worldwide, which allows us to operate around the globe, serving galleries, auction houses, dealers, and private clients from different countries. However, New York is a big city, and there are many other reliable companies offering fine art services to businesses and individuals. For example, let us draw your attention to D&D Fine Art Services, a trustworthy art logistics provider with an excellent reputation for quality!

D&D Fine Art Services

D&D Fine Art Services is a Brooklyn-based fine art shipping company specializing in the highest level of art handling. Just like Fine Art Shippers, it offers an extensive range of art-related services, from local and international fine art transportation to short- and long-term fine art storage in NYC. Besides, D&D Fine Art Services is also known for providing comprehensive art packing, art crating, and art installation services at very reasonable prices, not to mention the company’s professional help with customs documentation and paperwork, which greatly facilitates the entire process of transportation.

From shipping artwork overseas to fine art storage in NYC, D&D Fine Art Services is, without a doubt, a good choice for any art logistics need. Highly recommended!