Roadway – White Glove Moving Company in NYC

White glove relocation services for moving home

White glove relocation services for moving home and white glove relocation services for moving art are not the same. As a professional fine art handling and shipping company, we can say with confidence that such items as fine art, antiques, museum-quality artifacts, designer furniture, and other valuables require special care during the entire process of their transportation. For this reason, you should always hire an experience white glove art mover if you are relocating your most precious possessions. However, if it comes to regular moving, you may choose any white glove relocation or moving services you like. For example, Roadway is indeed a great option for any home moving needs in New York City!


While Fine Art Shippers is largely focused on handling and shipping fine art and antiques, Roadway is focused on white glove relocation services for moving home. Moreover, whether it comes to local or long-distance moving, this professional company offers all their services at very attractive prices, making any move an enjoyable experience. It is also impossible not to mention that every white glove mover working in this company is highly trained and really cares about the client’s happiness. Besides, Roadway is not limited to providing home moving services only. They also offer high-quality packing and storage options to meet any need, no matter how big or small. This white glove moving company is indeed a great choice if you are looking for an experienced team able to arrange a seamless move in New York City. Highly recommended!