Roadie – Fast & Innovative Delivery Service in the US

At Fine Art Shippers, we are proficient in packing and shipping artwork of any kind. For example, you can rely on our team to pack and ship a valuable painting, an outdoor sculpture, a collection of vintage porcelain figurines, and even antique furniture that has been in your family for years. Besides, while fine art transportation is our major specialty, we can also transport a whole range of other items, from home appliances to vehicles. However, what if you simply need a driver to deliver something to another city? In such a case, pay your attention to Roadie! This company offers a variety of affordable options, from local delivery to shipping oversized packages to another part of the country.


Roadie is an innovative “on-the-way” delivery service that was launched in 2015. Its main idea is to ship items using free cargo space in passenger vehicles heading in the right direction. As a result, Roadie offers just a perfect solution to both businesses and individuals looking for the fastest and most cost-effective way to transport different items across the United States. From delivering cupcakes to your loved one to shipping oversized packages to another state, this company can provide you with the most efficient option for almost any need. You can even entrust Roadie to deliver a piece of art, provided that it is properly packed and ready for the move. In other words, whether it comes to transporting a sentimental family heirloom or shipping oversized packages, you can always rely on the delivery service offered by Roadie!

Photo credit: Roadie/roadie.com