Road Flex Courier, LLC: Local Pickup and Delivery Service in NYC

While Fine Art Shippers is largely known for providing comprehensive fine art handling and shipping services, we also offer an array of other services. For example, our team is an excellent choice for any furniture and piano shipping needs. Besides, we offer luxury home and estate moving services, as well as a variety of storage options in all the major US cities. Plus, did you know that Fine Art Shippers provides a professional same-day local pickup and delivery service in NYC and the Tri-State Area? Moreover, this applies not only to valuable artworks and antiques because we can pick up and deliver absolutely any item, no matter how large and heavy it is. However, in this blog post, we want to tell you about Road Flex Courier, LLC, another reliable company offering high-quality local pickup and delivery service in NYC.

Road Flex Courier, LLC

Road Flex Courier, LLC is a trustworthy courier and messenger company based in Long Island, which serves Westchester, Suffolk, Nassau, and the five boroughs of NYC. Possessing years of experience, Road Flex Courier, LLC provides businesses and individuals with a highly professional same-day local pickup and delivery service for a whole range of items, from postal mail and office documents to medications to light materials and equipment. Besides, this company also offers art courier services so that if you need to pick up and deliver such items as pictures, paintings, or graphics in NYC, you can rely on Road Flex Courier, LLC with confidence.