Lockson Inc. – Art Logistics Company with an Excellent Service

Why do you need professional art packing and crating services when shipping artwork over a long distance? It’s easy! Only a properly packed and crated in wood piece of art is guaranteed to arrive at the destination intact. For this reason, you should always choose an art logistics company offering a full range of packing and crating services in-house. Fine Art Shippers is one of these companies, and we are very proud to serve art business professionals and private clients from around the New York metropolitan area and beyond. Moreover, our services are available at very attractive prices, making them affordable for everyone. Lockson Inc. is another great company offering an extensive range of art logistics services, including custom art packing and crating.

Lockson Inc.

Lockson Inc. is a family-owned business founded by cousins Lionel Lockhart and Harold Adamson in 1944 in the United Kingdom. The company later moved to the United States where it has grown to become one of the best art logistics providers based in the New York area. For today, Lockson Inc. offers an array of art moving and storage solutions of the highest quality, serving museums, galleries, art fairs, auction houses, estates, artists, dealers, and private collectors. Besides, this company also specializes in custom packing and crating services, making it a good choice for transporting valuable items of any type. Finally, Lockson Inc. provides its clients with comprehensive installation services, working in collaboration with top interior designers and decorators. Highly recommended!