Inna Bazhenova: The Enthusiastic Owner of The Art Newspaper

Shipping art is our specialty. Moreover, shipping art is our passion. At Fine Art Shippers, we are very proud to work with so many collectors, galleries, museums, and dealers who love art as much as we do. Besides, since Fine Art Shippers has representative offices in many countries worldwide, we successfully operate around the globe, expanding our art logistics services and building new business relationships.

It is also worth noting that in addition to shipping art, we love to visit international art shows and write about talented artists and dedicated collectors. In this blog post, we want to tell you about Inna Bazhenova, the enthusiastic owner of The Art Newspaper and one of the most influential art collectors in Russia.

Inna Bazhenova

As you probably know, The Art Newspaper is a print and online publication covering all the important international events and news related to the world of art. However, did you know that The Art Newspaper is owned by Inna Bazhenova who acquired it from Umberto Allemandi in 2014? Inna Bazhenova is a Russian engineer and businesswoman, and also a passionate art collector whose diverse collection features works by Jean Baptiste Chardin, Jacques Callot, Maurice Utrillo, Vladimir Weisberg, and many other renowned artists. Several years ago, this amazing woman even established the annual Art Newspaper Russia Award to recognize people affecting the artistic process and the preservation of cultural heritage, thus bringing The Art Newspaper to a whole new level. It is no wonder that Inna Bazhenova is considered one of the key figures in the Russian art community.

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