Hedley’s Inc – Worldwide Art Shippers Since 1973

Fine Art Shippers is a reliable team of experienced art shippers able to handle any art logistics task, no matter big or small. We can ship absolutely any artwork to any destination worldwide safely and securely. Besides, Fine Art Shippers is also proficient in shipping large and heavy items, including antique furniture, grand pianos, and all types of equipment. Our expertise and skills allow us to serve many prestigious institutions, contemporary artists, dedicated art business professionals, and private collectors from around the world. Plus, we also provide a complete range of exhibition set-up and art installation services of the highest quality. Hedley’s Inc is another trustworthy company that you can rely on with any of your art logistics needs, from moving a valuable piece of art to shipping large and heavy items of any kind.

Hedley’s Inc

Hedley’s Inc has been in the art logistics business since 1973, serving antique dealers, auctioneers, collectors, exhibitors, furniture stores, gallerists, interior designers, and homeowners. With locations in New York City, London, Paris, and Provence, this fine art shipping company successfully operates both in the United States and Europe, offering an array of services that range from local relocations to shipping large and heavy items overseas. Besides, Hedley’s Inc is also known for its highly trained team of art installation specialists able to install artwork properly in any space. Whatever your art logistics needs, Hedley’s Inc can provide you with the solution you are looking for! Very recommended by Fine Art Shippers!

Photo credit: Hedley’s Inc/hedleysinc.com