Greenwich Village Mail Center in New York

Shipping a parcel overseas is not the same as shipping it within the state. Moreover, it is not the same as shipping a parcel from, let’s say, NYC to Los Angeles. International shipping is always much more complicated than domestic shipping, not to mention that it is also more expensive due to various import and brokerage taxes, international duties, and other costs. It is no wonder that you are looking for a relatively cheap international parcel delivery service. Well, The UPS Store is always a good option. However, let us tell you about one more company that also offers high-quality yet affordable international shipping services in New York.

Greenwich Village Mail Center

Greenwich Village Mail Center is a well-established shipping, packing, and printing center that has long been known for providing cheap international parcel delivery services in New York. Besides, it is also an official FedEx Authorized ShipCenter with full access to FedEx products, including FedEx International and FedEx Express, which means that you are guaranteed to receive the fastest and most efficient service possible. There is one more thing that you should know about Greenwich Village Mail Center. This reputable company also offers high-quality fine art shipping services, paying special attention to the artwork packing process. For example, it has experience in shipping paintings, sculptures, glass, ceramics, and other delicate pieces that require special handling and packing. So whether you are looking for cheap international parcel delivery or artwork transport service, Greenwich Village Mail Center in New York can be a very good option.