GalleryExpress FAS – Fine Art Services in Toronto, Canada

Thanks to our representative offices and agents around the world, Fine Art Shippers is no longer a local art transportation company serving the art community in NYC and the Tri-State Area only. We specialize in shipping art internationally, offering our clients a variety of options in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, China, Russia, Australia, and other countries worldwide. Moreover, we ship not only fine art but also antiques, designer furniture, museum exhibits, religious artifacts, and other items of exceptional value.

It is also worth noting that Fine Art Shippers works with many dealers, galleries, and collectors in Canada and has great experience in shipping art internationally to and from this beautiful country. However, if you need a Canada-based art logistics provider, let us recommend GalleryExpress FAS, an amazing fine art services company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

GalleryExpress FAS

Whether you are looking for art transportation, art crating, art storage, or art installation services in the Greater Toronto Area, GalleryExpress FAS is the right company to come for help. Providing an extensive range of flexible and professional fine art handling solutions, GalleryExpress FAS successfully serves the diverse art community, working with galleries, artists, conservators, interior designers, public institutions, and private collectors. Besides, if you are interested in shipping art internationally from Toronto to New York, this company has a regular shuttle going from Canada to the United States every month. Plus, GalleryExpress FAS also organizes truck deliveries to all the major art fairs in North America. Highly recommended!

Photo credit: GalleryExpress FAS/galleryexpress.ca