Fritz Ewins Inc. – Specialist Art Shipping Company in NYC

To transport valuable art, no matter locally or over a long distance, is easy if you know which fine art shipping company in NYC to hire. Fine Art Shippers is just the right choice for this job! Possessing over two decades of experience in the art logistics field, we can move and ship absolutely any artwork, from a small vintage print to a huge outdoor sculpture. Besides, our fine art shipping services are not only of the highest quality but also reasonably priced to the delight of art business professionals and individuals alike. Another specialist art shipping company in NYC is Fritz Ewins Inc. Just like Fine Art Shippers, it offers superb art logistics services at very competitive rates.

Fritz Ewins Inc.

Fritz Ewins Inc. is a reliable fine art shipping company in NYC, which has been serving collectors, auction houses, museums, and galleries since 1999. The company was initially founded with the aim of providing the local art community with affordable art shuttle options on the East Coast of the United States. However, over time, Fritz Ewins Inc. has grown to become one of the leaders for the art industry in New York, offering an extensive range of fine art services for any need. These include national and international transportation of art, custom crating, art storage, collection management, art installation, and also professional art fair services of any kind. You can entrust Fritz Ewins Inc. to pack, ship, and deliver any artwork, and it is sure to arrive at the destination intact!

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