Fine Art Services & Transport in New York

Be it a piece of furniture or grandfather clock, shipping a large item is never easy. However, shipping a large item of exceptional value is much more complicated. For instance, what if you need to ship an oversized painting or heavy sculpture? Will you entrust such a delicate job to regular movers? Most likely, you won’t. Luckily, New York is full of experienced fine art shipping companies able to handle any task and ship any item, no matter how large and heavy it is. Fine Art Shippers is proud to be one of them, and we are always ready to solve even the most challenging and complicated problems related to shipping fine art and antiques. Another good example of a reliable company for such a job is Fine Art Services & Transport.

Fine Art Services & Transport

Fine Art Services & Transport was opened by Jim Conboy in 1992 with the aim to provide high-quality fine art handling and shipping services at competitive prices. Since then, this reputable company has transported numerous treasures of all possible types, including original Egyptian artifacts and large sculptures by famous artists. Besides, Fine Art Services & Transport also offers professional art crating, art installation, and art storage services, making it an all-in-one solution for many art logistics needs.

Whether it comes to shipping a large item or an entire collection of artworks, Fine Art Services & Transport can do it for you in the most professional and efficient manner. This company is indeed one of the best in New York!