Fine Art Services from Aequitas Packing Group

There are many fine art services that we offer in New York. These include local and international transportation of art, custom packing, art storage, art installation, exhibition set-up, and more. Besides, Fine Art Shippers is known for manufacturing durable cargo crates for shipping fragile items over a long distance. We love to work in New York, and we are very proud that our services are chosen by so many respected collectors, prominent artists, dedicated gallerists, and other art business professionals. However, this blog post is dedicated to Aequitas Packing Group, another art logistics provider that is also a great choice for any fine art handling and shipping needs in New York!

Aequitas Packing Group

Whether you are looking for art installation services or need a trustworthy team to deliver a valuable painting, Aequitas Packing Group is a great option! This amazing company offers an array of fine art services, ranging from white glove moving to building custom cargo crates of any size. Besides, Aequitas Packing Group has an office not far from London, which allows it to ship art and other valuables from the US to the UK and vice versa quickly, safely, and professionally. Among other services offered by this company are art storage, collection management, and online inventory, making Aequitas Packing Group a popular choice in the Interior Design and Fine Art world.

While Fine Art Shippers can provide you with any art logistics services needed, from fine art transportation to custom cargo crates, we can also recommend Aequitas Packing Group. You will love their service and approach!