Everything You Need to Know about Moldavite and Why It’s Sought After

Dating back to a meteorite collision along the Moldau River, Moldavite is a rare tektite stone whose reputation is gaining momentum among psychics and both indigo and star children. But what is it about this particular stone that has everyone’s third eye gawking in awe?

Continue reading to get the full scope of why Moldavite is unrivaled by other stones for meditation and raising consciousness.

Everything You Need to Know about Moldavite and Why It's Sought After


Known to have met the earth with the force of an atomic explosion, a meteor crashed into a mountain range in the Czech Republic 15 million years ago. This created a field of molten rock, and thus the birth of Moldavite. There are no other locations on earth where this type of tektite can be found, meaning that it will one day be extinct.

Its rarity combined with its metaphysical powers renders it a highly sought-after stone. Because of this, it’s common that sellers will attempt to sell fakes. The gemstone experts at buymoldavite.com/collections/certified-moldavites/ are a trusted source whose Moldavite comes with a certification of authenticity. Always ask for a certificate of authenticity, especially if the stone is selling for a high price.


Because of its cosmic connection, Moldavite has a high vibrational frequency that even skeptics can sense. Empaths are specifically sensitive to their energy and should use caution when working with it.


Moldavite tends to have jagged edges and folds of green that vary in shade from the lightest, yellowish lime to hunter green. It’s rich in silica, giving it a glassy appearance. The green tints stem from its iron and peridot content.

It’s rumored that Moldavite also possesses meteorite matter from the original explosion. Scientists speculate that it is an extraterrestrial stone, although there is nothing that can confirm this. On the other hand, those who conduct spirit work with it testify to its other-worldly energies.


Moldavite is known to have special powers that can connect your spirit with the heavenly powers of the cosmos. Used for ascension to join you with your higher self, this stone can transcend time and help you navigate your past life regression and soul’s path throughout all avenues of time. Moldavite can wipe away the residue of pain from past lives and can cleanse you of negative emotions and thought patterns that are keeping you stagnant.

Using Moldavite

Be warned that not everyone will find the ease of use in this stone, and may be uncomfortable with the high vibrations surrounding it. It’s best if you work with more gentle-spirited stones, like Rose Quartz or Obsidian, leading up to your work with Moldavite, as it is so powerful that the common reaction people have with it totes the nickname “The Moldavite Flush.” This flush appears as dizziness, headaches, and lightheadedness.

Heart Chakra

Moldavite stimulates the heart chakra. If you would like to access its protective powers, then wearing it on a necklace close to the heart will have quick results. If you have suffered emotional trauma or find that you struggle to access emotions, then wearing it can help you heal your emotions and reopen your heart to love.

Everything You Need to Know about Moldavite and Why It's Sought After

Healing Powers

It’s claimed that Moldavite can heal a number of ailments by clearing out emotional blockages that lead to physical illness. This can allow us to heal ourselves by ceasing unhealthy behaviors, feelings, and thoughts.


Illnesses such as skin rashes, loss of eyesight, breathing difficulties, anemia, asthma, and allergies can be cured by the release of blockages that do not allow the free flow of energy. Moldavite has also been deemed a fertility stone that can revive cells and tissue, thus slowing the aging process.


If you suffer from incessant jealousy, social anxiety, anger, fear, mistrust, or feel immensely needy or distant in relationships, then these are a few signs that your heart chakra needs healing. Moldavite is an intensely powerful stone that can improve memory so you can get to the root cause of pain and emotional trauma, hence being a great emotional healer. It can protect your heart from the negativity that may send you into a downward spiral.

By aiding you in healing your heart, and re-establishing love and harmony within the body and mind, Moldavite has been known to have an extremely positive effect on relationships, allowing couples to close any distance and restore trust and balance.

Moldavite’s origins and spiritual powers have placed it high on the market. However, its benefits go beyond monetary value, as it can heal any situation or ailment it comes in contact with. Remember to proceed with caution, as its vibrational frequency can cause discomfort if not used properly.