Don’t Try This at Home: How NOT to Crate Art for Shipping

Don’t Try This at Home: How NOT to Crate Art for Shipping

Everyone who wants to achieve the highest level of art shipping safety should know the recipe for the sturdiest and firmest crate where one can hide and protect canvases, sculptures, or other artworks from the dangers of the external world. Following instructions might help you pursue and attain this truly noble goal very quickly, but there is a but. There are as many ways to fail to build a custom-size container as to get a positive result. That’s why you always need to remember how NOT to crate art if such a fate befalls you.

Don’t Try This at Home: How NOT to Crate Art for Shipping

Make a quick plan

A brief and undetailed plan may lead to poor execution, which will definitely lead to quick disappointment. That’s why it is not a good idea to adopt a grab-and-go attitude. When you need to make a crate, every step should be precise and well-calculated so that you don’t need to redo things from the beginning.

Measure by eye

As mentioned before, every part of the plan should be well-calculated. It means that you shouldn’t rely on your eyes when it comes to measurement. To crate art, you should trust a measuring tape and a caliper. Well, a calculator might also be a good idea if you are too lazy or not good with numbers.

Don’t purchase materials – use wood waste

Who on Earth needs that high-quality plywood when you can use wood waste? That’s pretty easy to explain. If you don’t want to spend your money on good materials with adequate protective parameters, the chances are that you will be very excited to invest money into reliable restoration services.

Use the fasteners that you have found in your garage

To combine all parts of the container together, you will definitely need some fasteners. The problem lies in size. If they are too short, the construction might not be reliable; if they are too long, they can extend beyond the wood and either damage content of a box or become a surprise for someone who is going to carry it.

Wait a Minute…

Even if you don’t have crating experience, your chance to succeed is still higher than a snowball’s chance in hell. However, it is not a good idea to practice and hone your skills when you need to build a crate for highly valuable, precious, or important artworks. It will be much more practical and safer to allow professional carpenters to do their job and crate art in accordance with all the safety rules and procedures. Believe us, in the end, this decision will save both your time and money.