Don’t Miss Sugarlift’s New Art Exhibition “Give Me Some Skin”

Sugarlift’s New Art Exhibition “Give Me Some Skin”

“Fair” by Amy Werntz

Sugarlift, one of the best art galleries in NYC, has recently opened a new group art exhibition titled “Give Me Some Skin.” The show features works by 25 contemporary artists who explore skin as an essential constant of what makes us human. “Give Me Some Skin” is curated by Jason Patrick Voegele and Michelle Doll. The exhibition is on view at the gallery’s location at 508 West 28th Street through May 21, 2021. Please keep in mind that masks are required at all times in the gallery.

Sugarlift’s New Art Exhibition “Give Me Some Skin”

Skin is a fragile yet vital barrier dividing our inner and outer worlds. It is also what helps us stay connected and close to the ones we love. Old or young, chapped or wet, taut or flaccid, thin or thick – skin tells our stories and shares our personalities, trials, and histories. Stretch marks, tattoos, and scars are all an important part of our life experiences. Woven into the surface of our bodies, they map our unique selves and give a clue of who we are and how we live. Sugarlift’s new art exhibition “Give Me Some Skin” rediscovers the essential role of skin, offering art lovers a unique opportunity to look at it from a different perspective.

Sugarlift’s New Art Exhibition “Give Me Some Skin”

“Diana IV” by Bernardo Torrens

The art exhibition features works by Amy Werntz, Michelle Doll, Bernardo Torrens, Aleah Chapin, Nicolas V. Sanchez, David Kassan, Yun Jang, Edie Nadelhaft, Alyssa Monks, and many other contemporary artists.

About Sugarlift

Sugarlift is an online platform and contemporary art gallery located in the Chelsea art district. Since its foundation in 2014, Sugarlift has been supporting talented artists by connecting them with a larger audience of art collectors. The gallery has already helped many art lovers find and acquire quality art by NYC local and international artists, both emerging and established. Sugarlift continues its mission uninterrupted even in the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, pursuing new ways for people to collect and engage with contemporary art.

Photo courtesy of Sugarlift