Don’t Miss Portion Museum Grand Opening in Voltaire District!

If you have never heard of Portion, then it is high time to get acquainted with this innovative online marketplace because Portion is launching a museum in Decentraland’s coveted Voltaire District alongside Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and other notable virtual galleries and auction houses. The grand opening will take place on July 9 as part of Decentraland Art Week 2021 that will kick off on July 8. Portion Museum will present a fabulous selection of NFT art by OG and emerging crypto artists, including works by Kevin Abosch and Sephora Venites, among others.

Portion Museum Grand Opening in Voltaire District

Portion Museum Grand Opening in Voltaire District on July 9

Portion (est. 2016) is one of today’s leading online marketplaces connecting collectors and artists through Blockchain technology to easily buy, sell, and invest in works of art with complete transparency. What makes Portion unique is that it allows anyone to be a collector by easily exchanging crypto for art and managing their physical and digital collection in one place.

On July 9, Portion will celebrate the grand opening of Portion Museum in Voltaire District of Decentraland, a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The museum will feature 7 floors of cutting-edge NFT artwork by crypto artists from around the world. These include Yossi, Sephora Venites, Ryan Koopmans, David Young, Osinachi, Be Svendsen X Android Jones, Kevin Abosch, and others.

As mentioned above, Portion Museum grand opening will take place during Decentraland Art Week 2021. Group shows from different art collectives, theater performances, art openings by many prominent artists, and great exhibitions from all the top NFT marketplaces and platforms are just some of the events that will be held during Decentraland Art Week. Be sure to visit Voltaire District and Portion Museum in particular to enjoy the best NFT and digital art! The virtual museum can be found using map coordinates 50,100.