Crozier – Most Comprehensive Art Logistics Company in the US

There are many reliable art logistics providers in the United States, and Fine Art Shippers is proud to be one of them. We are a family-operated company offering an array of art handling and shipping services worldwide. Plus, we also manufacture some of the best custom wood crates for transporting art and antiques on the East Coast. However, while Fine Art Shippers can handle any task, big or small, we cannot perform many of them simultaneously. In such a case, we recommend large fine art shipping companies with lots of departments and employees. For example, you can always rely on Crozier that is currently the most comprehensive art logistics provider in the United States.


Founded in New York in 1976, Crozier has grown to become an authority in fine art handling and shipping services in North America. Moreover, this reputable company has united with several other experienced art logistics providers, thus increasing its capacity and strengthening its expertise. For today, Crozier offers an impressive range of various services that include but are not limited to art transportation, art installation, international shipping, collections management, art storage, site services, and emergency response. Plus, its team builds superb custom wood crates of any size and shape. With its exceptional service and many locations in the United States and Europe, Crozier is indeed a perfect choice for any art logistics needs, no matter whether it comes to shipping a single artwork to the upcoming exhibition or packing a collection of antiques in custom wood crates for their long-distance transportation. Highly recommended!