Vladimir Nazarov

Vladimir Nazarov is one of the best contemporary visual artists living and working in NYC. His amazing works distinguished by the innovative use of layering and color are indeed unique and not only because of the way they look, but also because of the energy they have. Inspired by the artist’s various travels abroad, nature, and different cultures, Nazarov’s creations are all emotionally-charged and impactful one way or the other. Moreover, while this artist is largely known for his fantastic large paintings, he is also a very talented sculptor able to create a true masterpiece even from a simple piece of wood. At Fine Art Shippers, we enjoy visiting Vladimir Nazarov in his beautiful studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and we do enjoy moving fine art for this amazing artist, no matter whether it comes to colorful paintings, well-executed sculptures, or any other artworks. If you look at any of Nazarov’s works, you will notice that it has a somewhat healing power inside, which makes any stress disappear. We are very proud to work with Vladimir Nazarov and ship fine art for him across the Tri-State Area and nationwide. It is a big honor for Fine Art Shippers to see such a prominent artist among our clients!