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AGS Cargo is a São Paulo-based member of AGS Holding Company, acting as an international cargo agent. Established in 1999 to provide an efficient logistics service, AGS Cargo has grown to become one of the leading companies in the field, with offices and branches throughout Brazil, as well as in the United States and Italy. Focused on the safety of the transported cargo, AGS Cargo manages all processes from start to finish, keeping the services as cost-effective and affordable as possible. All of the operations are handled by a team of experienced, competent, and serious professionals, guaranteeing the complete satisfaction of every customer. At Fine Art Shippers, we are proud to partner with AGS Cargo and its AGS Packing & Supplies (APS) division in particular. APS is responsible for all the procedures related to the transportation, packing, and storage of fine art pieces. Operated by highly qualified people, the company serves artists, galleries, and museums, providing them with premium art shipping, art handling, and art installation services in Brazil and abroad. It is a great pleasure for Fine Art Shippers to collaborate with AGS Cargo, and we definitely recommend this team of specialists for any art logistics needs in Brazil.