Caseworks: Professional Crate Builders in Tucson, AZ

If you need to ship something delicate and fragile, you need a durable wooden crate built for your particular item. This is especially important if you are shipping fine art or antiques. The fact is that such items as paintings, sculptures, and porcelain figurines can be easily damaged in transit, even if they are properly wrapped and packed in sturdy cardboard boxes. The only way to ensure that your valuables arrive at their destination intact is to ship them in professionally manufactured wooden crates. This is where you need help from experienced crate builders!

At Fine Art Shippers, we offer an array of art crating services in the New York metropolitan area. Moreover, we can build a custom wooden crate for absolutely any artwork and ship it to anywhere in the United States if needed. However, what if you are looking for professional crate builders based, let’s say, in Arizona? In such a case, you should pay attention to Caseworks!


Caseworks is a reliable crating and shipping company headquartered in Tucson, AZ. This dedicated team of highly experienced crate builders has been providing a variety of crating services since 1984. Focused on manufacturing different wooden crates of superior craftsmanship and quality, Caseworks successfully serves art galleries and online auctions along with a whole range of industrial, government, and residential clients. So if you are looking for professional crate builders in Arizona, this company is definitely a good choice for any need. Highly recommended by Fine Art Shippers!