Boxart – Fine Art Services in Brooklyn, NYC

What is the safest way to ship a painting, sculpture, or any other artwork? Right, the only proven way to ensure that the item arrives at the destination intact is to pack it into a durable shipping crate! At Fine Art Shippers, we are proud to offer high-quality fine art crating services tailored to our clients’ needs! Moreover, we offer much more than regular shipping crates. We offer custom wood crates manufactured in full accordance with museum standards. Besides, while we have our own warehouse in Brooklyn, NYC where we pack and crate all the transported items, our team can also build a shipping crate for any artwork on-site. Along with that, Fine Art Shippers is not the only reliable company to come for fine art services in Brooklyn. For example, have you ever heard of Boxart!


Founded by Mehrdad Nava and Dennis Fisher in 1990, Boxart has always been one of the best places in Brooklyn to order custom wood crates for moving, storing, and shipping artwork of any type. Moreover, Boxart is not just a reliable crate shop; it is also a reputable art transportation company providing its clients with a variety of fine art services at reasonable prices. Plus, these guys have several secure storage facilities, both climate-controlled for art and standard for other items, to meet any need and budget.

From building a shipping crate to transporting art to the upcoming exhibition, Boxart is indeed a very good option to come for any fine art services in Brooklyn, NYC!