Professional Transportation of World Famous Masterpieces

Every exhibition is always associated with local or international transportation of museum items. This process usually remains in the shadows and is not visible to the visitors. However, it plays an important or even a major role in the exhibition organization and eventually allows art lovers to admire priceless paintings and sculptures. We can talk endlessly about the beauty of world-famous masterpieces, but now let’s look at the main methods and techniques of their shipping – a laborious process aimed at fast and safe delivery of art pieces that depends on many factors. The first one is definitely a shipping company engaged in the process of transportation. It should be a team of professionals who clearly and precisely understand the specifics and importance of such a valuable cargo, the damage or loss of which cannot be compensated. In fact, the fate of these treasured items entirely depends on professionalism and competent approach of all participants of the shipping process. The transportation company should think over the best route, organize art handling, loading, and unloading, ensure reliable packaging, shipping tracking, and careful storage, as well as rapid customs clearance. And this is exactly what Fine Art Shippers do!

There are no secondary issues in the art transportation process. All of the components are important. Every object requires individual approach, especially it concern careful packing and methods of its implementation. Type of packing and packaging materials depend on the size, fragility, weight, and many other features of the transported item. Even so, the main requirement for any package is that it should provide reliable protection against all negative factors that may appear during the shipping process including even the smallest shakes or vibrations. Moreover, the rugged packaging simplifies the insurance and sometimes may even reduce the cost of delivery. The case is that the quality of shipping is directly proportional to quality and reliability of the package. In this way, even if there are some unforeseen circumstances during the transportation process, the hermetically sealed packaging will reduce the probability of damage to zero.

When transporting large objects like art installations, furniture, and sculptures, it is necessary to use special materials that fix the artwork inside the box and protect it from vibration and shock. Another one important thing is to ensure that the packaging is watertight. Certainly, such type of packing materials means the higher cost, but is it worth to save on it when it comes to unique works of art? Definitely not! Nonetheless, let us assure you that our prices will remain attractive even if you choose the best possible type of packaging or custom crate! Fine Art Shippers will do everything according to your budget and your requirements! Get a free quote right now!