Inspiring Art Installations

Art, especially contemporary art, must serve the people! Moreover, modern art installations are not something strange – each of them is a fascinating action that invites to become a part of it. So it’s truly great that more and more urban art artists around the world share this belief. Thus, parks, museums, and even streets from time to time turn into a place where creativity and imagination reign… In this way, we have prepared a list of famous art installations that have become a real inspiration for many people!

“In orbit” by Tomás Saraceno

Have you ever dreamt of walking in the air or seeing a place from viewpoints precluded to human beings? You are welcome to Düsseldorf! Contemporary Argentine artist, Tomás Saraceno, has created a giant installation under the dome of the late-19th century building at a height of about 25 meters, so that the visitors can walk on three-level steel nets separated by huge transparent and mirrored balloons. Feel like a spider swimming and moving around the air construction or balancing on the swinging net! Thereby, people involved in such an unusual process have made ordinary steel nets a fascinating attraction that can be called contemporary art. Installation is on view until the end of 2015.

“Rain Room” by Random International

The “Rain Room” is an elaborate art installation created in 2002 by the London-based art collective, Random International. It represents a large field of falling water that allows the visitors to walk through it without being drenched in the process. The trick is that the water flow is synchronized with motion sensors, so when a person is at a certain distance, drops change their trajectory and the visitor of the “Rain Room” remains dry. However, from the outside, it looks as if a person is walking in the rain. This amazing art installation was previously shown in New York and London, and now it is arriving at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It will be on view from November 1 through March 6.

“Dalston House” by Leandro Erlich

A very successful exhibition by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich took place in London in 2013. As part of the event, the artist presented to the public one of his most famous art installations called the “Dalston House.” Looking at the picture, it seems that people are scaling the walls of a London townhouse. In fact, they are just lying on the ground, and a huge mirror reflects their image creating the illusion that they are walking up the walls, jumping from balconies, and even hanging from the eaves. Such an unusual art installation can disorient the viewer, disrupt his sense of balance and space, but at the same time it definitely inspires to make new achievements!

Stunning portraits by Bernard Pras

Contemporary French artist Bernard Pras recreates the “portraits” of famous personalities from scrap materials. The image can only be seen from a right angle or through a particular device. Otherwise, the illusion “crumbles” and the whole composition turns into a set of unnecessary things. To create the anamorphic effect, Bernard Pras places seemingly random objects selected by size and color so that they would resemble an image or a famous personality from a single perspective. The whole process is carefully planned and thought out, and the results are simply jaw-dropping! Inspiring, isn’t it?