How to Store a Small Collection of Art?

Even those collectors who have small art collections need secure and safe storage for their possessions. In this way, no matter whether your collection consists of 3D pieces, prints, paintings, or other fine art objects, make sure you have the appropriate place to store it. Certainly, the vast majority of art lovers who want to enjoy their art collections day after day prefer to fit them into their private homes. However, there are still situations that require specific storage solutions for even the smallest art collections. Thus, you might need another art storage in case:

– you are preparing for relocation;

– you are going to leave your home on an extended trip;

– you need all of your fine art pieces easily accessible while preparing for a gallery exhibition;

– you want to protect your art collection from debris and dust during an extensive remodel of your private residence;

– hurricanes, tropical storms, or other acts of nature threaten to make landfall next to your home.

No matter the reason, the first thing you should do is to prepare your art collection for storage. Certainly, it is much better to use services of professional art shipping companies, however, you can also make this on your own. In such a case, you will need thicker materials that can be used as padding (like blankets), a shelving unit or a special storage rack, dry and clean cloths to cover your fine art objects, acid-free paper for framed and unframed paintings, and a climate-controlled art storage itself to house your collection. Furthermore, before you start packing, make sure you don’t have any jewelry on your hands in order not to accidentally scratch the artworks. What’s more, always handle only one fine art object at a time!

Long-term storage

If you need a long-term storage for your art collection, the best you can do is to rent a unit at a temperature- and humidity-controlled storage facility intended to store objects of art. Moreover, such facilities can withstand the wind, flooding, and fire damage, not to mention that they are equipped with modern security and alarm systems guarding 24 hours a day. Professional moving and storage companies can also carefully pack up, move, and unpack your items for an additional fee.

Temporary storage

Temporary storage also requires special preparation. Thus, unframed and framed paintings and different 3D pieces as well should be necessarily wrapped with light padding, clean cloths, or bubble wrap to prevent them from dust. Don’t forget to use an acid-free paper between the wrap and the front of the painting. Furthermore, always use heavy padding between your fine art pieces and the concrete. Never place them directly on the floor!

Even the smallest art collection deserves much attention and respect. In this way, if you want your precious possessions to maintain their value over time, invest in the right types of storage facilities and quality materials. Contact Fine Art Shippers today to avoid any risk of damage!