How to Ship Fine Art and Help the Environment at the Same Time?

Did you know that Americans generate more than 250 million tons of waste every year, and 40 percent of that trash is one way or another related to packing materials? Keeping these figures in mind, it becomes understandable why it is so important to focus on packaging and logistics when shipping various items, even sensitive and expensive objects that require additional protection in transit. For this reason, at Fine Art Shippers, we make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint and become more sustainable. In other words, when you ship fine art with us, you not only get professional fine art shipping services but also contribute to the protection of the environment.

Fine Art Shippers is a father & son branded company with a small team aimed at being sustainable in various ways. We try to use small trucks to ship fine art of any kind, even when it comes to big jobs and complex orders, and we do our best to save on every possible aspect of the fine art shipping process, except for the safety of the client’s art, of course. Moreover, we use sustainable and recyclable packing materials as much as we can and also reuse our custom wooden crates when shipping items back form exhibitions and galleries. Besides, it is worth noting that while to ship fine art safely often means to use bubble wrap, we stand for padded materials, thus minimizing the use of bubble wrap and the waste of our precious resources. After all, to ship fine art safely is not about using as much packaging material as possible but rather about applying smart packing and crating solutions.

A trip to Harvard University

Fine Art Shippers never stays still, especially when it comes to improving our artwork shipping services and protecting the environment. We are a flexible and innovative team of art handlers striving to ship fine art not only in the safest but also in the most eco-friendly manner possible. For this reason, one of the company’s founders Ilya Kushnirskiy is currently studying Sustainability Management at Harvard University’s Department of Continuing Education. Below you can find several photos from his last trip to Harvard University, including incredible paintings by a very talented artist Brian Jude Reardon, which Ilya saw on the walls of Christopher’s Restaurant and Bar in Cambridge.