How to Store Pottery?

No matter whether you have antique pieces of pottery or just beautiful creations by your children from the school year – you should treat them all with precision and care, especially when it comes to their moving and storage needs. In fact, any pottery collection deserves as much attention as any other collection of fine art. Let’s see why! Fine Art …

Museums Filled with Antique Treasures

If you love historical treasures as much as we do, you know that there is nothing like visiting museums and other places that are full of original art, antique furniture, and home decor pieces created years ago. Here is our list of the most important American homes from the past, distinguished by their amazing furnishings and collections of art. Winterthur Winterthur is a childhood …

What You Should Know about Packing Collectible and Antique Items

Safe shipping is always very important, no matter whether it comes to furniture shipping or art shipping. However, it is especially crucial for those collectible and antique items that cannot be easily replaced in case of damage during transportation. For this reason, even if your unique objects don’t look particularly fragile, you should take care of their secure packaging. This …