Artcore Fine Art Services in New York

As you know, New York is considered the art capital of the world. There are so many galleries, museums, public art installations, and cultural centers there, not to mention that this incredible city is also home to numerous important art fairs and shows. It is no wonder that New York is full of professional fine art shipping and handling companies serving artists, art business professionals, various art-related institutions, and certainly collectors. At Fine Art Shippers, we are proud and happy to be one of the most reliable art logistics providers in NYC, offering a full range of fine art services, from building custom art crates to shipping museum exhibits across the world. Another good example of professional art logistics companies in New York is Artcore Fine Art Services that has long been known for the ability to solve even impossible challenges.

Artcore Fine Art Services

Headquartered in Long Island City, Artcore Fine Art Services is a full-service art logistics provider specializing in transporting, handling, and installing high-value goods and precious art. Besides, this company is also one of New York’s best art crates manufacturers offering a variety of options, from multi-use museum crates to travel frames to standard wooden art crates. However, what makes Artcore Fine Art Services stand out from many other companies is its ability to handle even the most challenging and complicated tasks, including shipping oversize objects and one-of-a-kind artifacts. Artcore Fine Art Services can meet the needs of even the most demanding projects!

Photo credit: Artcore Fine Art Services/artcoreservices.com