Art Crating Solutions from WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services

Why are professional crate manufacturers so important for the art transportation business? The answer is obvious: only a custom-built wooden crate designed specifically to the dimensions of the transported item can fully protect it during the move. For this reason, whether you are shipping a painting, sculpture, art installation, or a collection of antique porcelain, you should hire an experienced art logistics company that provides comprehensive art packing and crating services. For example, Fine Art Shippers is a reliable fine art shipping company and also one of the best crate manufacturers on the East Coast, which means that you can entrust our team to pack and ship absolutely any artwork, no matter its weight and size. Another good example is WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services that also provides a full range of art logistics services of the highest quality.

WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services

WelPak Corp. & TK Fine Arts Services has over 20 years of experience in providing private collectors, art galleries, museums, antique dealers, and various foundations with fine art shipping, storage, and installation services. What is no less important, this reputable company is also among the best crate manufacturers in New York and Florida, which makes it an excellent choice for shipping valuable artworks over a long distance. Moreover, its custom-built crates are shock resistant and waterproof to ensure the safe transportation of art and antiques of any kind, be it a delicate painting or a huge outdoor sculpture. Highly recommended!