AirSea Packing Group – An Industry-Favored White Glove Shipper

Fine Art Shippers is a small family-operated company, but we have proven to be a trustworthy art logistics provider and also a reliable wooden crates manufacturer able to provide a variety of fine art packing and shipping services of the highest quality. Based in New York City, we serve many collectors, galleries, auction houses, dealers, and other art business professionals both nationally and internationally thanks to our trusted network of partners worldwide. However, it is not a secret that Fine Art Shippers is not the only professional art shipping company and custom crates manufacturer in New York. The truth is that there are many superb art logistics providers you can also rely on, and AirSea Packing Group is definitely one of them.

AirSea Packing Group

Established in 1966, AirSea Packing Group is a family-run business with over five decades of experience in the art logistics field. This amazing company works with many reputable art galleries, design furniture showrooms, antique dealers, interior designers, museums, and global luxury brands, so it is no wonder that AirSea Packing Group is often called the industry-favored white glove shipper. Besides, just like Fine Art Shippers, it is an experienced wooden crates manufacturer able to build a durable crate for absolutely any artwork. It is also worth noting that in addition to its office in New York City, AirSea Packing Group has locations in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix, Washington, D.C., Paris, and London, making it a perfect choice for any national and international art logistics needs.